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Is Blackface just a “Halloween Costume?”

When scrolling through social media recently, I stumbled upon a CNN article noting that approximately 1/3 or Americans believe that dressing in blackface is acceptable. I read the article, not surprised to learn that white Americans were included in that poll. When I commented,…


Sonia Joseph: A name we all should know

Giovonn Joseph-Mcdade was fatally shot by the Kent Police in June of 2017

Sonia Joseph. That is a name I want you all to know. Sonia Joseph is the mother of the late 20-year-old Giovonn Joseph-McDade, who was shot to death by police officers in Kent, Washington last June. Like any mother who loses a child, especially so unexpectedly,…

Feeling Invisible in the Doll Aisle in 2018

Black, African American Toddler Playing with Caucasian doll

You all are hopefully aware of the the “Doll Test” conducted by psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark the 1940s, and if not, you should be (click here to learn more). The results were horrifying and ultimately led to the Brown v. Board of Education…