Month: June 2018

When Laws Contradict Christianity

God said that we must follow the laws that are written to govern us. Scripture indicates that no one rules unless God explicitly gave him to power to do so. In a recent press conference, Sarah Huckabee Sanders reminded us that “it is Biblical…


How to Treat your Grieving Friends After the Death of a Child

How to treat your grieving friends after the death of their child Losing a child is an experience that is indescribable and there really is no black and white description of how a person should and will mourn. We all react to situations differently….

Our Trisomy 18 Journey: Empty Arms

My dad and one of my sister’s came in and honestly, I think at that point, he was still alive. Shortly after, I had each of my daughter’s come in to meet him, and essentially, to also say goodbye. I kept them separate so…

Battling Grief After the Loss of a Child

From my life’s experience, I believe that there is depression and that there is grief. While you certainly can have both at the same time, the two are not interchangeable. I am grieving. For many years, I struggled with depression and on many occasions,…

The struggles of dealing with a small child after the death of a sibling

As we were driving home today, my five-year-old asked, “Who is going to blow out the candles on Gabriel’s birthday?” I just looked in the rear-view mirror, faked a smile, and said, “you are.”